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Will I Pee While Running? Solutions That Work

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If you enjoy running for exercise, it is likely something you’re excited to return to after having a baby.  After getting the all-clear from your doctor you head out on that first post-baby run, only to discover that now you pee while running.  No, this doesn’t mean that running is no longer for you.  We’re here to help you find a solution that will help you get the miles in confidently and without embarrassing interruptions.

Does Running Make Stress Incontinence Worse?

If you pee while running, you may wonder if it’s a good idea to continue running.  For most people, regular exercise will help to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles over time, reducing the frequency of leaks.  While this is good news, let’s talk more about what you can do to help in the meantime.

How Do I Stop Leaking Urine When I Exercise?

If you’re one of the one in three women who experience stress incontinence after birth, you may notice that you leak or pee while running, sneezing, coughing, or laughing.  This is a not-so-fun side effect of pregnancy and birth that just isn’t talked about enough.  But what can be done about it?

Kegel Exercises

You’ve probably heard of the quite infamous kegels.  Kegels are performed by engaging your pelvic floor muscles, which support your bladder.  Strengthening them can help to reduce pee while running.  Practice squeezing and releasing these muscles to slowly build strength and control over time. Sounds easy enough, right? But remembering to do them consistently can be a challenge, especially with a new baby to care for.

Pre-Running Routine

While staying hydrated is important when you’re exercising, try to limit fluids an hour or so before heading out on your run.  Instead, focus on regular water intake throughout the day to help avoid the urge to need to pee while running.

Pads for Pee While Running

While working to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, you may also consider wearing a running incontinence pad to help you feel confident and not have to cut a run short due to leakage.  You can find thin pads or even absorbent underwear that are discreet and comfortable.

While these solutions can temporarily help many women desire a long-term solution for pee while running. Learn more about Elitone, an FDA-cleared device for stress incontinence that can be used in the comfort of your home.

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Stop Pee While Running in It’s Tracks with Elitone!

While all of these solutions will provide a limited amount of relief, you may be looking for a solution that works faster and is more effective to stop pee while running.  That’s where Elitone comes in.  This FDA-cleared device treats female stress urinary incontinence. Four twenty-minute sessions a week at home will reduce leaks in as few as six weeks.

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