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As an Elitone affiliate, not only will you be working with an amazing FemTech company, but your promotion of our brand will help us continue to innovate new products for women’s health, and you will help women avoid surgery and avoid diapers.

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No sign-up. Simply send them your link via any of the share options below. For every purchase a friend makes you’ll get $30 off a GelPad Pack, compression socks, or storage pouch! Want to learn more? Click HERE!

Elitone Affiliate Program

Every time a customer you refer makes a purchase, you’ll earn 8%. We want you to share the good news about the easy way to tone the pelvic muscles with your friends, your family, and every woman you meet. Women don’t talk about their private issues, but with 1 in 3 women over the age of 30 having incontinence, you will not have to look hard to find an audience. Our most successful affiliate partners write non-biased product reviews, create unique content, have a strong online presence, or give personal recommendations. There are easy PayPal payouts.

Please note: Providers and VGM members should choose so on the registration form for slightly different rules. If you have questions about the program contact us.

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