You’ve tried on your own. It’s time for some help.

Kegels exercises are a key part of maintaining a healthy pelvic floor. But 25% of women don’t do them correctly, and even more don’t do them often enough. Elitone makes it easy, doing Kegels for you, stronger and longer than you can on your own.

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Regain Control.
Regain Confidence.

Why are Kegels important?

Your pelvic floor muscles serve many purposes. They support your internal organs against gravity, help in stabilizing your ‘core’, prevent leakage of urine, and help with sexual function. It’s important to keep them working properly.

Kegel exercises are recommended to maintain the strength and control of these muscles. When done correctly and often enough (3x per day), they are highly effective. Unfortunately, many women struggle with Kegels and need help.

100 Kegels in 20 Minutes.

Elitone makes Kegels a breeze. This FDA-cleared medical device exercises your pelvic floor in three easy steps

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100 Kegels in 20 Minutes.

Elitone makes Kegels a breeze. This FDA-cleared medical device exercises your pelvic floor in three easy steps

1. Apply

The GelPad gently adheres to your skin, exactly where you would place a pad. It’s safe for sensitive skin and doesn’t pull hair.

2. Adjust

Use the handheld controller to select a treatment level that’s right and comfortable for you.

3. Wear

Use 20 minutes a day for just 6 weeks! Our advanced neuromuscular stimulation directly targets internal muscles while being gentle on the surface.

Elitone Does the Work for You.

Different from “Kegel trainers” that only coach you on your squeezing, Elitone actively exercises your pelvic floor, doing Kegels longer and stronger than most women can do on their own.


Peel, Press, and Go! It’s so comfortable you can wear it discreetly while you go about your normal day; whenever and wherever is most convenient.


Worn under your clothes while you’re on the move. Experience non-invasive treatment that doesn’t get in the way of your day-to-day life.


Clinically proven to provide better control If you’re not thrilled, return it within 60 days for a full refund.
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Benefits of Better Kegels

Whether you do them on your own, or with the help of Elitone, regular Kegel exercises have numerous benefits.

  • Fewer Leaks – Clinical studies show that using Elitone reduces bladder leaks by over 70%, and pad use by 80%.1
  • Sexual Health – Exercising the pelvic floor can increase blood flow and build strength, both of which can help with sexual function. Knowing you are in control of your bladder during sex also helps with confidence.
  • Stronger Core – Kegels build pelvic floor strength, which is key to improving posture and reducing the risk of prolapse.

1. Journal of Women’s & Pelvic Health Physical Therapy. Kolb et al. 48(1):2024.

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Your pelvic floor muscles connect to your pelvis and tail bone to form a “hammock” shaped support for your abdominal organs. Like other muscles, they need to be exercised regularly to stay healthy.
Elitone does this by sending signals that alternatingly contract and relax the pelvic floor muscles. You’ll likely feel your muscles contracting like you’re doing Kegels. Over a matter of weeks, muscle tone and control will improve, leading to improved pelvic floor health.
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Helping Women from 18 to 99

Over 15,000 women of all ages, shapes and sizes have used Elitone to exercise their pelvic floors. We love sharing their stories.

“I did Kegels 3x a week for 5 years —Not much progress. This device worked so well for me. It’s amazing that those leaks are gone. In fact, I just sent my MD an email asking him to review the device. All of the reviews I’ve read on your website are true….. ALL OF THEM. Thanks for such a life changing product.”
ConnieVerified Customer, ★★★★★
“I have been using the ELITONE device for about 2 months and do feel a strengthening of my pelvic floor muscles. One thing that I can say for sure is that it has helped me to isolate what the pelvic floor is so that I can then do Kegels on my own!”
FaviolaVerified Customer, ★★★★★
“Awesome device! It took some adjustment and a bit of a learning curve to get used to but my husband mentioned that he most definitely noticed a difference. I felt the tightening as well and after two kids, one vaginal one C-section at my current age of 37 this was nice to have!”
AnonymousVerified Customer, ★★★★★

Frequently Asked

Elitone is used at your convenience in the privacy of your home. A GelPad is placed on your perineal (pubic) area, then connected to a tiny controller. After putting on your clothes, clip the controller to your waistband, and press a button to start the treatment. During treatment, you can walk around and continue your daily routine. After 20 minutes, the controller turns off automatically.

Women report a tingling sensation where the GelPad contacts the skin. As the treatment intensity increases, Elitone users will feel a tightening internally, while Elitone URGE users will feel pulses for 6 seconds. After a rest period, this sequence repeats 100x.

Start by treating 20 minutes per day, 5x per week, for 6 weeks. After that, most women begin to reduce their use to a “maintenance” mode. This varies between women from a 1-2 times per week to 1-2 times per month. Just listen to your body and treat as needed. 

We get this question a lot. A stronger pelvic floor does often lead to more sexual sensation or better orgasms. While we cannot make any specific claims regarding the use of Elitone, many customers (and their partners) notice a difference in the bedroom.

Kegel trainers are vaginally inserted sensors that measure how strong tightly you squeezing your pelvic floor muscles. The give feedback intended to coach you to better Kegels. Many Kegel trainers are FDA-cleared as pelvic floor wellness devices, but they don’t have clinical testing to show that they reduce bladder leaks.

Elitone is different. It sends a signal to the muscles, telling them to contract. It does the work for you, while you stay busy with regular daily activities. Elitone has been evaluated in multiple clinical studies and is FDA-cleared to treat the most common type of bladder leaks.

Woman of all ages, shapes, sizes, and incontinence severity have successfully used Elitone and Elitone URGE. Take the FREE ASSESSMENT to see if they are right for you.

Kegel exercises are often recommended as a treatment for mild prolapse. In those cases, Elitone may help make the Kegels easier. However, Kegel exercises may be less effective as prolapse severity increases, and Elitone has not been studied clinically as a prolapse treatment. If you have questions, consult your healthcare provider.