Give up leaking.
Not living.

ELITONE is the EASY pelvic floor exerciser that does Kegels for you, longer and stronger than you can on your own.

Give up Leaking.
Not living.

ELITONE is the EASY pelvic floor exerciser that does Kegels for you.

Do you leak when you laugh, sneeze, stand-up or exercise?

When I started ELITONE, I couldn’t even contract my muscles. ELITONE has “woken up” and strengthened the muscles, as well as decreased my need to wear incontinence pads”

– Diane

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Stress Incontinence

If you leak urine when you sneeze or exercise, your pelvic floor muscles are likely too weak to keep the valve closed under sudden pressure.

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Get Strong

Kegels are exercises that strengthen pelvic muscles and prevent accidents. But Kegels are hard to do correctly and often enough. ELITONE does Kegels for you.

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Worry Less

You’ll worry less knowing that ELITONE’s gentle contractions are toning your pelvic floor and reducing your leaks. All for less than you spend on absorbent pads each year.

Feel drier every day.

With just 20 minutes a day, you can see fewer leaks in weeks.

  • It’s as simple as putting on a pad.
  • Discreetly wear it under your clothes. Shhh! No one needs to know.
  • It’s so thin and comfortable, you may forget you’re wearing it as you do other things.
  • It’s FDA-cleared, doctor-recommended, and in clinical studies, ELITONE reduced leaks in 95% of women.

Soon you’ll be able to wear the gray leggings, run the extra mile, laugh without worry, and leave your leaks behind for good.

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Phenomenal! No more leaks after a month. This device pays for itself.” – Susan, San Diego

It’s one of the best things I’ve ever decided to buy. It makes a huge difference, and I nipped the problem in the bud.” – Megan

ELITONE® for Stress Incontinence

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$495 as low as $34/month or $399

EXTENDED… last chance: $30 OFF and FREE super-soft Shawl with code: FRIYAY23GIFT (while supplies last. Specify number of preferred color in “Other Notes” section of checkout.)

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ELITONE + 10 GelPads ($399). 6-week treatment. Most popular option. Best for mild-moderate symptoms.

ELITONE + 30 GelPads ($503).  12+ weeks of treatment. For more severe symptoms.

If you have urinary leaks that are primarily caused by weak pelvic muscles under pressure (sneezing, exercising, jumping), then ELITONE may be for you. If you also have urgency symptoms then ELITONE is still for you because it also sends bladder-calming signals.

ELITONE is FDA-cleared for over-the-counter use. No prescription is required.

Read Contraindications

ELITONE includes the controller, patient cable, charging cable, belt clip, user manual, storage case, and 10 GelPads. .. everything you’ll need to complete 6 weeks of treatment.  The bundle adds 20 additional GelPads.

The flexible and patented shape allows for movement while getting treatment. GelPads are reusable at least 3 times, or until they lose adhesion. GelPads are gentle on the skin, and can go over some hair (does not pull hair) but needs skin contact. One size fits all.

After 6 weeks most women reduce how often they use ELITONE. Additional GelPads for this “maintenance” mode are available in packs of 5 for $28. We’ll even check in on you to see if you need more.

You have 60 days from the date of purchase to return ELITONE if it is not helping. Return it for a full refund.

Easy. Effective. External.

How do I use ELITONE?

ELITONE has you covered with an easy, effective treatment you can use…

  • In the morning as you put on your makeup
  • At home while you cook dinner
  • At work on your next Zoom call
  • On the couch as you watch a show

Step 1

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Snap the patient cable onto the GelPad.

Step 2

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Stick the blue areas on your skin, placing it right around your pubic bone. (It won’t pull hair)

Step 3

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Connect the cable to the controller, turn it on, and set your treatment intensity.

Step 4

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Get dressed and multitask while ELITONE stimulates your pelvic floor.

Use ELITONE 20 minutes per day, 5x per week. Most women see excellent results after just 6 weeks of use. After that many women reduce treatments to a few times a month, or stop completely.

“My incontinence was preventing me from going out as I was leaking constantly. After an embarrassing accident at my hair salon, I was relieved when my daughter found ELITONE online. After 2 months, I no longer need to wear pads and can go anywhere without fear!”

– Joela, 71 years old

“I was skeptical but happily surprised! Within a week or two I saw a difference and already able to go shopping, do errands, etc. without too much worry about leaks. Today, I actually forgot about the problem thanks to Elitone! “

– Mary Ames

“I had constant uncontrolled wetting, accidents getting out of the car, etc. I felt I had no control over my body and was depressed to think it would get worse over time. ELITONE changed my life. I now have complete control over urination again! No surprises, no worries… I don’t want to go back to the old days.” – Diana, 66 years old

“I hated doing Kegels…I still do. I am actually very pleased with how comfortable the product is to use. I wear it under my clothing and set it for the 20 minutes session, and go about my regular day.”

– Shandi, autism homeschool mama

Simply Effective


ELITONE is expertly engineered to deliver a small electric signal to the muscles and nerves of the pelvic floor. The precise makeup of this signal is the key to effectivity and comfort.

ELITONE delivers a 50Hz signal that contracts muscles, and a 10Hz signal that calms them. This is ideal for women with pure stress incontinence, or stress incontinence with some urge symptoms (mixed incontinence). ELITONE also utilizes pre-modulation waveform (PMW) technology to allow the signal to pass comfortably through the skin and reach the deeper, targeted tissues.

ELITONE is an FDA-cleared medical device that has been scientifically evaluated in several clinical studies.

  • 95% of study participants achieved fewer leaks after just 6 weeks.
  • They recorded 72% reduction in leaks.
  • Pad use was reduced by 85%.
  • They improved on all 22-points of the standard Incontinence Quality-of-Life assessment.

Because of those excellent results we’re able to offer a 60-day money-back guarantee.  We consistently see only 4% of purchasers return ELITONE because they aren’t satisfied with how it’s working.

While ELITONE has over-the-counter designation, many healthcare providers recommend or prescribe it to their patients, including:

  • Gynecologists
  • Urogynecologists
  • Urologists
  • Primary Care Physicians
  • Pelvic Floor Physical Therapists
  • Naturopaths

Compare ELITONE to the alternatives

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My leaks are almost non-existent! It is a SMALL price to pay for such an important aspect of life.”

– Rita, 61y

Icons 60Doing nothing is expensive. Pads can really add up. If you treat your leaks before they are severe, you’ll save money (and mess and stress) in the long run.

Icons 46Kegels exercises are a great way to maintain your pelvic floor health, but 1/4 of women do them incorrectly, and the rest insufficiently. ELITONE does 100 Kegels each session, and it does them longer and stronger than you can, while you focus on other things.

Comparison of treatment optionsPelvic floor trainers coach you on how to do Kegels, but you still do the work, and most are not approved for treating incontinence. Vaginal electrical stimulation devices can treat incontinence. Unfortunately, both these vaginal probes require finding dedicated time and privacy and can be uncomfortable with the risk of infection. ELITONE is completely external, making it safe, clean and easy.

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Icons 51Vaginal mesh surgery (i.e., sling surgery) is implanted through the vaginal wall to provide support. Unfortunately, serious complications are common with these procedures, and many countries have banned them. Complications typically require surgical removal. ELITONE is a conservative, low-risk, highly effective solution for treating incontinence.  It’s also pain-free and costs thousands less than surgery.

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Is there more than one type of incontinence (and ELITONE)?

Yes! ELITONE comes in two versions, one to treat stress incontinence and one to treat leaks from overactive bladder (OAB).  If you experience a sudden, uncontrollable urge to urinate, but don’t leak when you cough, sneeze, or exercise, ELITONE URGE may be best for you.

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