How effective are your first-line incontinence treatments?

75% of women with incontinence fall through the gaps in standard procedures of care. Elitone can help by providing discreet, effective, at-home treatment for urinary incontinence, both stress and urge.

Incontinent Treatment Info for Clinicians

Impact of Incontinence

  • 100% of women with SUI report a negative effect on quality of life.1
  • 70% with urge fear traveling more than 30 minutes from home.2
  • 80% express emotional distress.3

Women as young as 30 are facing depression and reduced quality of life. Elitone empowers you to help your patients resolve their incontinence effectively and conveniently in the privacy of their homes.

QUIZ: Test your knowledge

Test your awareness of published data regarding patients' adoption and compliance with incontinence treatments.

I found that the noninvasive surface electrical stimulation device can be a very effective method to reduce incontinence symptoms. In our cohort of patients, we were able to demonstrate better pelvic floor contraction than with Kegels alone, with a non-vaginal device that is very easy to use, comfortable, and effective.”

Dr. Craig Hanson
OBGYN / Urogynecologist

How effective are your recommendations?

(You might be surprised!)

Nurses Page Kegels

25% of women perform Kegels incorrectly.

Kegel exercises have been a first line recommendation for SUI for decades. They work! But many women aren’t able to do them correctly to create any effective change. And those that can, don’t. It’s hard to remember and takes too long to notice real progress.

How could your patients benefit from a breakthrough treatment that does Kegel exercises FOR them while they go about their normal day?

Nurses Page Complete PT

Only 13% of PT referrals will complete treatment

Pelvic floor physical therapy can make a tremendous difference. Elitone’s utilization is growing nationally amongst PFPT and is increasingly recommended as an adjunct. An at-home medical assist provides a synergistic or compounding effect that encourages sticking with treatment, and maintenance after treatment.

Could your patients benefit from at-home assistance?

Nurses Page Surgery

42% of women had an adverse event

While use of surgical mesh is still a prevalent treatment for treating SUI, the complication rates are not negligible. These risks are widely reported in the media, causing surgical hesitancy among many women.

For UUI, implantable neurostimulators often lose efficacy in < 5 years. How many of your patients would prefer a less invasive intervention?

Medicines treat OAB,  yet many doctors prescribe them for stress incontinence although ineffective for that. Anticholinergics cause dementia often within months, along with other adverse effects. Beta3 Agonists are slightly better but are cost prohibitive. Most people are off the medication within 4-6 months.

How effective are medicines that cannot be tolerated?

VIDEO – Top 10 Things You Should Know

We know you are busy. This video explains what you need to know, including the differences between the two devices, contraindications, and study results.

Elitone bridges the gap in your incontinence treatment options.

Elitone precisely delivers pelvic floor neuromuscular modulation to effectively treat loss of urinary continence.

  • Requires little to no instruction from the medical provider. It’s EASY for clinicians.
  • ONLY treatment women can get while remaining active, making it convenient
  • Discreet, comfortable (thinner than a pad), and easy to use for high rates of compliance and success
  • Effective: direct stimulation results in 95% of women improving in weeks.
  • Economical: Elitone is available OTC with low monthly payment plans or HSA/FSA card.  With a 60-day return window and only a 4% return rate, it’s very accessible.

Thank you ELITONE creators for giving me my life back. At only 42 I felt so defeated, alone, and embarrassed for having this problem. I’m back to running again because of you. Forever grateful for this device. Absolutely recommend it for all women!!

Mariel ★★★★★

Elitone provides patented technology, strong clinical data, and an exceptional patient experience.

GelPad graphic 2

Perineal Placement: The patented, one-size-fits-all shape promotes correct anatomic positioning while achieving a high level of comfort, whether sitting, standing, or walking.

Intuitive Interface: Simple interface promotes safe and repeatable at-home use. No programming required.

Four Conductive Regions: Spacing of the conductive regions targets key pelvic floor muscles used to achieve continence.

Low-Tack Hydrogel: The GelPad’s hydrogel was selected for its low tack and high conductance. This material has undergone ISO 10993 biocompatibility testing and is ideal for use on sensitive skin and over hair.

Pre-Modulated Waveform (PMW)

The nervous system doesn’t perceive frequencies > 1000Hz. Elitone uses continuous amplitude modulation at 2000Hz (carrier wave) to minimize surface sensation while delivering current to maximize bioavailability and stimulate the underlying pelvic floor muscles. The symmetric profile of this PMW technology also enhances GelPad longevity and is safer for skin contact.

Nurses Page Waveform 10

Toning Wave + Calming Wave

The output combines two stimulation frequencies, 4 seconds at 50Hz to activate muscle contraction, followed by 2 seconds at 10Hz to calm the muscles and surrounding tissues. Then the body is allowed to rest for 6 seconds, after which the cycle repeats. These stimulation frequencies have a long history of use for successfully treating stress, urge, and mixed urinary incontinence.

Nurses Page Waveform 11B

Prospective Trial: Urge Incontinence

With the new Elitone URGE device, 32 subjects were randomized between two device configurations. 97% of women improved. 85% of women were responders with over 50% improvement. All 22 questions of the I-Quality of Life tool improved, in total a 26.7 point improvement (10x greater than what FDA considers clinically significant.)  Results were presented at the SUFU conference in 2023.

Case Series: Significant Leak Reduction

20 Subjects, who had been incontinent for an average of 10 years treated with ELITONE for 6 weeks. They maintained leak diaries and completed quality-of-life assessments (I-QoL).
• 95% had reduced leaks
• 75% had clinically significant reduced leaks (> 50%)
• 71% average reduction in leaks
• I-QoL improved by 14.6 pts (>2.5 pt is clinically significant)
• 67% reduced pad use, clinically significantly (>50%)

Effective Incontinence Treatment results

Ultrasound Visualization: Measurable Pelvic Floor Contraction

Subjects self-applied the ELITONE device. Transabdominal ultrasound images were obtained of the bladder and pelvic floor under ELITONE stimulation, while performing a Kegel contraction, and while doing both simultaneously. Image analysis revealed that with ELITONE the pelvic floor moved with a similar direction and magnitude to correctly performed Kegels. Further, a subject with no measurable pelvic floor movement with an attempted Kegel, acheived desirable movement with ELITONE.

UltrasoundGIF 1

Randomized Controlled Trial: Significant Difference from Sham

48 Subjects self-administered 12 weeks of treatment with either the ELITONE device or a sham device. Baseline characteristics were established for leaks/day, pad use, incontinence related quality of life (I-QoL), and a 24-hour pad weight test. Post-study results were compared to baseline considering absolute change, percent change, and responder rate using recognized thresholds for clinical significance.

Leaks reduced by 52.8%, which is notably more than the 31.7% improvement rate from a meta analysis of intravaginal stimulation studies.*

*AHRQ Publication No. 11(12)‐EHC074‐E.

RCT Graph

Testimonials: We love hearing how patients and healthcare providers are benefitting from Elitone.

“I stopped wearing pads completely.” – Gabrielle ★★★★★

“This is brilliant! It is so not invasive, so simple and so comfortable. I’ve tried so many things over the last 15 years. This was the easiest, yet the most productive. I truly love your product.” – Lori ★★★★★

“With a vaginal device, I would have to hide in my bedroom and pray the kids wouldn’t walk in! With Elitone, I can wear it under my clothes and watch a movie. It’s so easy to use! Before Elitone, I struggled to sleep through the night. Now I get more rest.” – Teresa ★★★★★

“When I started Elitone, I couldn’t even feel myself contracting my muscles, that is how lax the muscle tone was. Elitone has “woken up”… the muscles, as well as decreased my need to wear incontinence pads.” – Diane ★★★★★

Elitone is designed for ease of operation.

Step 1

Steps Line Drawings 05

Snap the patient cable onto the GelPad.

Step 2

Steps Line Drawings 06

Stick the 4 blue patches on your skin, placing it right around your pubic bone. (It won’t pull hair)

Step 3

Steps Line Drawings 07

Connect the cable to the controller, turn it on, and set your treatment intensity.

Step 4

Steps Line Drawings 08 1

Get dressed and multitask while Elitone rebuilds your pelvic floor.

Why Women Prefer Elitone

Innovation for women’s health is uncommon. But ELITONE is a break-through advance.”

Dr. Barbara Levy, FACOG

EASY: ELITONE only takes 20 minutes a day, is thinner than a pad and comfortable. Women wear it while they go about your normal day, using it whenever and wherever is convenient.

EXTERNAL: Elitone is applied externally to the perineal tissue and worn discreetly under clothing. It is less intrusive, more comfortable, and more convenient than vaginally-inserted treatment options.

EFFECTIVE: Women often report outstanding results after only a few weeks of treatment. In a home-use study, 95% of women recorded a reduction in leaks.

ECONOMICAL: Elitone is available over the counter or via prescription. With a 60-day return window and only a 4% return rate, Elitone is accessible for many women to self-pay. They can also take advantage of low monthly payment plans or an HSA/FSA card.

Elitone fits into your busy practice.

Elitone is designed to be easy to use for all women—you won’t need to spend valuable time on training. Simply send your patient home with the device and follow up as needed.

Absolutely! While a prescription isn’t necessary it may be the best route in some cases. A prescription may help your patients maintain compliance and receive reimbursement. Use this written order to document medically necessary. Patients may also pay with their FSA/HSA accounts. Elitone is covered by Medicare. 

Yes. Patients can purchase directly from We provide product brochures to help communicate the treatment benefits and have customer care ready to answer their questions.  Patients can use their FSA/HSA funds to purchase Elitone. Payments may be broken up into bite-size chunks with our payment plans, equalling the cost of pads/month!

Yes! Patients may be more compliant when Elitone is provided directly by their clinician, so many providers buy from us at preferred pricing and resell Elitone at the full retail price.  Qualified clinics will have access to demo units, product brochures, and other support materials.

We would love to work with you. The best way to get started is to call us at 978.435.4324 or email us at You can also request an information kit below and we will be in touch within 24 hours with product information and more. We look forward to working with you.

Additional Resources

We offer several patient brochures to make it easy to share Elitone with your patients.

  • 1-Page black and white printable brochure
  • Bi-fold full-color brochure (best for sharing electronically)
  • Exam room poster (11″ x 17″)
  • Tips sheet
  • Waiting room table display

We are happy to send physical versions of any of these items. Just contact us at

Want to see more? We have a selection of helpful videos that show you how to place the GelPads, how to use Elitone, and why we recommend it for SUI treatment.

For patients who plan to seek reimbursement, this Reimbursement Guide/Detailed Written Order may help provide documentation that the treatment is medically necessary.

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[1] Gümüşsoy S., Kavlak O., Donmez S. Investigation of body image, self-esteem, and quality of life in women with urinary incontinence. Int. J. Nurs. Pr. 2019;25:e12762 [2] Yoo R., Spencer M. Continence Promotion and Successful Aging: The Role of the Multidisciplinary Continence Clinic. Geriatrics. 2018;3:91 [3] Li F.L.W., Le Low L.P., Lee D.T. Chinese women’s experiences in coping with urinary incontinence. J. Clin. Nurs. 2007;16:610–612