Incontinence affects 1 in 3 women.

At-home treatment for your patients.

Noninvasive SUI Treatment

ELITONE® is FDA cleared to treat stress urinary incontinence (SUI) and is the first transcutaneous pelvic floor muscle stimulation available in the US. The ELITONE device:

  • Contracts the correct pelvic floor muscles.
  • Trains women on the proper Kegel technique.
  • Performs pelvic floor muscle exercises more effectively than patients can do alone.
  • Requires little to no instruction from a healthcare provider.

Treating SUI early can reduce surgical interventions in the future. In addition, ELITONE is worn at home, under clothing, making it easy for women to continue their everyday tasks during treatment. This convenience increases the rate of compliance, leading to more effective treatment.

ELITONE is ideal for women with mild to moderate symptoms who would benefit from pelvic floor muscle training. This includes women who:

  • Are resistant to intravaginal treatments.
  • Have limited access to physical therapy or want to supplement it.
  • Perform Kegel exercises incorrectly (1 in 4 women).
  • Prefer the convenience and privacy of home treatment (e.g., busy moms, working women).
  • Need postpartum care.

See the Indications for Use for a complete list of contraindications, warnings, and precautions.

See How ELITONE Works

Hear more about ELITONE from a recent ABC news segment.

Ultrasound imaging shows how ELITONE contracts your pelvic floor muscles 100x per session.

The Science

ELITONE delivers electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) with a signal known to contract pelvic floor muscles and treat SUI. Current travels through the pelvic floor muscles in between the conductive gel areas. The proximity of the GelPad to the pelvic floor muscles achieves a clinically effective stimulation.

Typical Treatment

A typical treatment regimen consists of 20-minute sessions, 4 to 5 times per week. After 6 weeks, many women see improvement. Depending on the patient’s symptom severity, compliance, and intensity settings, treatments may continue up to 12 weeks. The patient should treat at the highest intensity that is comfortably tolerable. After the 6–12 week regimen, a schedule for maintenance treatments may be established.

“I found that the noninvasive surface electrical stimulation device can be a very effective method to reduce incontinence symptoms. In our cohort of patients, we were able to demonstrate better pelvic floor contraction than with Kegels alone, with a non-vaginal device that is very easy to use, comfortable, and effective.”

Dr. Craig Hanson

OBGYN / Urogynecologist

Clinical Evidence

Historical Use of Pelvic Floor Muscle Stimulation

Intravaginal EMS has successfully treated incontinence for more than 40 years, most often used in pelvic floor physical therapy. However, many women perceive this treatment as highly invasive. Perineal-applied EMS has also been used, but only in a clinic-based setting. ELITONE enables patients to use this effective SUI treatment safely and comfortably at home.

ELITONE Clinical Study

Clinical Study

In a recent clinical study, participants self-administered ELITONE for 6 weeks of treatment. The study found 75% of the women achieved a clinically significant reduction in daily leaks, 85% had a clinically significant improvement in their Quality of Life score (I-QoL) and 67% recorded a clinically significant reduction in pad use.
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ELITONE Ultrasound clinical study

Ultrasound Visualization

In an objective study, transabdominal ultrasound was used to visualize movement of the pelvic floor with ELITONE. The pelvic floor contracted in the desired caudal–posterior direction, even in a patient whose pelvic floor moved in the wrong direction during volitional Kegel exercises.
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ELITONE fits with your busy practice

ELITONE is designed to be easy to use for all women—you won’t need to spend valuable time on training. Simply send your patient home with the device and follow up as needed. There are two ways to introduce ELITONE into your practice.



Patients may be more compliant if ELITONE is provided by their doctor, so they might prefer to purchase directly from you. Qualified clinics will have access to demo units and product brochures, and bulk discounts.

Prescribe ELITONE

Prescribe or Recommend ELITONE

Patients can buy directly from We provide product brochures to help communicate the treatment benefits. A prescription isn’t necessary to purchase ELITONE. Additionally:

  • A prescription may help your patients maintain compliance and receive reimbursement.
  • Patients may use their FSA/HSA accounts.
  • Payments may be broken up into bite-size chunks with our payment plans, equalling the cost of pads/month!

Clinician Resources

These resources are available for you to download and print as necessary.

IMPLEMENTATION GUIDE: This PDF gives more detailed instructions including WHO should use, HOW it works, HOW to order, TIPs, Recommended Regimen, and Reimbursement.

DAILY LOG: This daily log is a printable sheet to help patients keep track of their treatments, leaks and pads used. This sheet can be used to see progress and potentially help with compliance.

DETAILED WRITTEN ORDER: For those patients that plan to seek reimbursement, this Detailed Written Order may help provide documentation that the treatment is medically necessary.

VIDEO – HOW TO USE: This video explains where to place the GelPad and how to operate the controller.

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Dr. Barbara Levy (ObGyn) Discusses Innovation in Pelvic Floor Health

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