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Nancy’s Story

“At 51 years old, I was not ready to stop living. All my doctor would say is do your kegels. Well, I was doing kegels and it was not getting any better. I was even willing to have surgery if I needed to, but guess what, I don’t need surgery to get my life back. Hooray, I found Elitone!!! Now every time I sneeze, cough and laugh I am not afraid of what will happen.” – Nancy, Age 51, Mom of 3 

Verified Reviews Off-Site

In the reviews below you will read honest feedback. Every woman’s body is different, and we understand that ELITONE may not work for everyone. The only way to know if ELITONE will work for you is to try, so we offer a generous 60-Day Return Policy to make your decision easier. Our hope is that everyone will Live Life Leak Free®.

Verified ownerVerified owner

After 4 weeks I can see an improvement. Once I included It in my routine it became easy to use almost daily.

3 months ago
Verified ownerVerified owner

At first, I was skeptical and after using it for a month, I wasn't seeing any improvement. I called for advice and now after using Elitone for 2 months, I am seeing a big improvement. Can't wait to see if I can finally be rid of pads. Thank you Elione.

3 months ago
Verified ownerVerified owner

the product seems to be helping me!

3 months ago

When you use the Elitone you may not notice any changes. However, when you stop using it for few weeks your “issue” is back and you realize that Elitone was working and making a difference. I am back using it 4-5 times a week. It’s amazing how it works from the outside. Being able to adjust the power is a big help to gradually increase the treatment.

4 months ago
Verified ownerVerified owner

I am so grateful for this company and this product! Thank you for creating something so easy to use, so discreet and so effective!

4 months ago

I’m not sure it’s working. I haven’t been very diligent about using it on a regular schedule, but when I do use it, I don’t feel the sensations where I expect to.

5 months ago

Nicely designed product! I may be too early to say how well it works, but hoping for the best.

6 months ago

I was a bit skeptical about purchasing this product. My gynecologist had recommended physical therapy and with Covid I was not keen on what would be required so in the end I decided it was worth the cost. I am so glad that I made the choice to purchase. The sensation is odd at first but it really is not uncomfortable. I have missed a day here and there but after consistently using this I have had zero urine leakage. I can tell the strength difference. It does not take much effort to complete the daily treatment -- just be consistent in using it. For me, it has provided a great solution.

6 months ago

I have been diligently using the Elitone almost every day since receiving it two months ago. It took a few days to figure out the best way to apply the GelPad but it is easy to use and I have noticed better control when I sneeze. I selected Elitone over other options as it is a fully external device and I was more likely to be consistent in using an external device over the long-term. I will continue to use it and expect better and better results. My only "complaint" is that it is quite expensive to purchase.

6 months ago
Verified ownerVerified owner

I am very pleased with the results so far. The leakage problem is more under control and I no longer have to be concerned/worrying about it with every shopping trip or social occasion.

6 months ago

Leakage issues stopped. Stronger gastrocolic reflex and sensitivity for more regular morning bowel movements.

6 months ago

I have been using this for 6 weeks and see no major improvement. I still leak when coughing or laughing. The only thing I see a slight improvement in is the urge to urinate.

8 months ago

After using this for 8+ weeks I am happy to say that I no longer leak when I cough or sneeze! Mastering the placement of the gel pads was the trickiest, but after a couple tweaks I’ve had no issues. I’ve found it helpful to apply the pads and wait a few minutes so that they adjust to your body temperature - it seems that it adheres better that way. I would recommend this for anyone that still leaks despite doing “all the right things” (I’m looking at you, kegels!).

8 months ago

I have had the Elitone for about a month. I have only missed two days using it on the highest setting. I use it at night as I read before bed, so it works nicely into my routine. I am seeing a difference. It's slight still, but it's there. I will continue regular use, and I am extremely optimistic now!

9 months ago

I did see some benefit.

9 months ago

it really works!

9 months ago

Five weeks in and I can say that it is helping. I am feeling drier everyday. At the start I was placing the gel pad too far up I think. I am a very small person so with continued sessions I am placing the front gels very low on the pubic area and the back gels about 2 inches from the front ones. Super easy to use.

10 months ago

This is a very discreet and non invasive way to help strengthen the pelvic floor for better bladder control.

10 months ago

From Real Women Like You

Once you start to see the difference, you can’t help but share. Straight from the emails and notes we have received: “My self esteem is up and my life has changed“, “get a huge chunk of my life back“, and “I get more rest [at night]”. We hope these will help answer some of your questions on how it feels, how easy it is to use, and what results can be.

Christi – 62, SUI since a teenager, loves snowboarding
“I’ve had SUI since I was a teenager and had gotten to the point of considering getting surgery for a pelvic sling. I researched many options and luckily found ELITONE. It’s only been a month so far, but I can feel my muscles contracting and getting stronger. It’s also super-easy to use as I can still move around and get things done.”

Liberty – 37
“The device is very effective. It crazy helped with my incontinence and I definitely recommend this to other people.”

Cyndee – Blogger
“ELITONE has made my life so much better.  I always thought I would never be able to resolve my SUI and I basically just kept quiet about it. I thought it was something I would just have to live with for the rest of my life. I was not ready for any type of surgery.”

Diana – 66, Incontinent for 14 years
“Prior I had constant problems with incontinence – uncontrolled wetting, sudden urge to urinate, accidents getting out of the car, etc. I felt I had no control over my body and was depressed to think it would get worse over time. ELITONE changed my life. I now have complete control over urination again! No surprises, no worries.”

Grace – 60
“It’s a great alternative to any chemicals or pills. I believe in homeopathic remedies.”

Lesley – 56, MA
“I really feel that the device made an impact. I ran 3 miles and didn’t leak!”

Lonna – NC
“The ELITONE is a refreshing idea that provides hope for an incontinence treatment not requiring surgical intervention or pharmaceuticals. It gives freedom from feeling my body is betraying me, having symptoms of what I thought only came with greater age.”

Tracy – 53
“I feel this product is very useful and provides good results, I would definitely recommend it!!”

Teresa – 47, Waking at night
“With a vaginal device, I would have to hide in my bedroom and pray the kids wouldn’t walk in! With ELITONE, I can wear it under my clothes and watch a movie. It’s so easy to use! PLUS, before ELITONE, I struggled to sleep through the night. Now I get more rest.”

Nichole – 28, FL, Tried Kegels everyday
“I love this product it changed my life. It made my issue almost 100% go away. I feel great now and it helped me feel more alive. It did cause me to feel like I was on my period with a bit of cramps or pressure after use, but after a few hours I felt great!”

Jennifer – Missouri, 45
“At the end I had quit wearing a pad… I feel that the improvements made have been maintained.  I feel this product will make a difference in the lives of women.”

Brenda – AL, 71y
“Could definitely tell the difference. Not uncomfortable at all. A very simple, easy way to treat incontinence. I do not know any other way.”

Elizabeth – 67
“Thank you. I feel excited that there is something (besides meds) that helps, since I have sensitivity to all the medications.”

KW – 53, 5 Vaginal deliveries
“I would recommend that any woman that has issues with bladder leaks give this product a try.”

“ELITONE is my best Christmas gift of this year!”

CL – Atlanta
“I feel like my incontinence got better… and I know it will continue to get better with more usage. I love contractions you feel while using the device.”

Leesa – Survivor
“Radiation weakened my pelvic muscles and I was experiencing leakage with increasing frequency when laughing, coughing, bending, etc. After using this product for a couple months, both the frequency and volume of leaks noticeably decreased. And it is easy to use!”

Lisa – 43
“ELITONE is easy to use and the treatments work! This device reduced the frequency of my accidents.”

Sherrie – 41
“I think that the system did help me, and I did not worry about having accidents since I used the system.”

Lynda – Age 64
“It is an AMAZING answer to a difficult, embarrassing problem.  It allows you to have more confidence when you are out and about; No leaks, no issues, and no urine left on seats, chairs, or benches.”

Teresa – 6 Vaginal Deliveries
“Yaaaaa it works! First time in years I haven’t leaked. Thank you!!”

Blanca – 44, Mom of son
“I definitely liked the product. I do think it would help a lot of people. Anyone can benefit from it.”

Jen – Exerciser & Healthy Mom
“I do high intensity exercise every day, and I never make it through a workout without leaking. The ability to power through a workout without having to stop due to the threat of an “accident,” is a huge deal for me. If 20 minutes a day is all it takes to get a huge chunk of my life back, I will take it. In a heartbeat.”

Linda – Age 56
“You can actually feel it working. Nothing but positive results. Thank you. I am forever grateful.”

“Maybe a bit personal, but it helped during orgasm, too!”

Carly – 42
“I can run now. Kegels are still easier to do anywhere but if needed a boost would use this device.”

Angela – CO, 51
“Envision yourself finding some relief on your incontinence that you can control with a small portable device. No one ever knew I was wearing it for relief while I function to do other things.”

Natalie – 37, Postpartum
“I started having issues after childbirth and it was upsetting because I had always been a very active person. Physical therapy was helpful, but I needed something more. It has been so easy to use and I feel like it is contracting slightly different muscles than what I can do on my own. I am still working on it, but there is a definite improvement. I’m getting back to what is possible and feel much more hopeful!”

Shandi – Autism Mama
“I hated doing Kegels…I still do. I have been using the product in my home for just about 3 weeks now, and I am actually very pleased with how comfortable the product is to use. I wear it under my clothing and set it for the 20 minutes session, and go about my regular day.”

Julierobin – AZ, Had stopped cycling
“The elitone is an extraordinary device.  In just twelve short weeks it wiped out my incontinence, my self esteem is up and my life has changed.  I loved the friendly available staff whom were available 24-7.  I loved this whole experience and am looking forward to introducing to my family, friends, and women whom I know face this problem.”

Stacy – 37, Incontinent 5 years
“This product has really increased my quality of life bc I am able to go out and not have to worry if I will pee myself.  I don’t isolate myself. (Medication didn’t work, and I had 4 vaginal deliveries).”

M.W. – Georgia
“I believe Elitone can help so many women who suffer from embarrassing leaks.  It’s so easy to use and isn’t a burden to use.  It’s quick, it’s painless, and it works.  And best of all, it’s so much cheaper than surgery and it’s pain-free!  There’s no downtime and it’s great for busy women.  I definitely recommend.”

Janet S – MD
“I love the device!  I have seen marked improvements!  Unbelievable!”

Heather – with a young baby
“What I really love about ELITONE is that is non-invasive and something that I can discretely wear under my clothing and against my skin like an absorbent pad. The treatment sessions can be done while I nurse the baby. And it helps me to feel more confident in my postpartum recovery.”

Cyndee – hates the costly pads
“The device is simple and easy to use. You can use the gel pads a few times before you have to replace them.  I have used a few times now and I can tell the difference.  I am having less bladder leakage and definitely not using as many of those costly pads.”

Chiara – Philly
“I was surprised how easy, comfortable and just how very discreet it is to use. I would recommend anyone with incontinence leakage to try out ELITONE before you try any pills or surgical procedures. You never know, this might just help you in so many ways.”

Christy – Single mom of 3
“This small FDA cleared medical device may seem scary at first but I promise it isn’t anything to be afraid to try. It is super easy to use and I didn’t have any issues when I tried it for the very first time.”