How to Stop Leaking Urine:
The At-Home Solution

Stop leaking urine with Elitone, your easy at-home treatment for bladder leaks.

Congratulations! You’re one step closer to leak-free living.

Finding a solution for your leaking urine doesn’t mean putting your life on pause. And the sooner you treat the problem, the better the rate of success. Leaking urine can slow you down, but it can be difficult to find time to address the problem. You’ve tried pads, and you’ve done Kegel exercises. It’s time for a new solution that fits into your busy life. By making your health a priority, you can get back to doing the things you love. No doctor appointments. No physical therapy visits.

Elitone: A safe, at-home treatment for leaking urine

Maintaining a healthy pelvic floor is instrumental in avoiding incontinence as you age. Even if you are young, you may start noticing urine leakage. Physical traumatic events such as childbirth and surgery often take a toll on women’s bladders by weakening, stretching, or damaging the pelvic floor. By exercising and tightening your pelvic floor muscles, you can regain control over bladder leakage. In the past, treatment often required doctor visits, physical therapy, and invasive vaginal devices. Now, there is a proven noninvasive solution that’s available without a prescription.

Elitone is an FDA-cleared device for treating female stress urinary incontinence. This safe and effective treatment is nonvaginal, which means you don’t need to insert any uncomfortable probes. It’s worn like a pad under your clothing while going about everyday tasks, so you can use Elitone anytime, anywhere. No one will be able to tell you’re using it

How does Elitone work?

Elitone uses disposable GelPads to deliver gentle electrical stimulation to contract your pelvic floor muscles, doing your Kegel exercises for you. A small controller lets you determine the level of treatment and turns off automatically. During a 20-minute session, the device does 100 pelvic floor muscle contractions longer and stronger than you could on your own. Use Elitone at least 4 times per week to tone your pelvic floor muscles, and see fewer urinary leaks in as few as 6 weeks.

Are you always looking for the bathroom everywhere you go? Try Elitone URGE!

FAQs about leaking urine

Is incontinence a common problem?
Yes! It’s very common. About 1/3 of women around the world struggle with incontinence. This large statistic was part of the motivation to create an easy treatment option that could improve the quality of life for millions of women.

Will a leaking bladder get better on its own?
Incontinence doesn’t typically get better without treatment. Left alone, leaks will most likely worsen. Don’t wait to take action because the earlier treatment starts, the easier incontinence is to treat.

How severe is my incontinence?
Generally, incontinence is broken down into three levels. Mild incontinence is when you leak a couple of times a week. Leaking urine every day means you might have moderate incontinence. If you leak more than 5 times a day, you might have severe incontinence. Elitone is made for women with mild to moderate incontinence. Unsure if Elitone would work for you? Bring this informational printout to your healthcare provider and ask them about Elitone.

Why should I use Elitone?
Unlike most treatments, Elitone is completely noninvasive, meaning nothing gets inserted vaginally. That’s reason enough for most women! The unique design also allows you to make dinner, get on a conference call, or walk the dog while getting treatment. Because the device helps you do Kegel exercises longer and stronger than you could on your own, many women find it a more effective alternative than trying to do Kegel on their own.

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