Advantages of Kegel Exercises

And Who Should Be Doing Them

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You probably have already heard that it’s important for you to do Kegel exercises, especially if you are experiencing urinary incontinence.  But what if that isn’t an issue for you right now?  Should you still be doing them?  Let’s discuss the advantages of Kegel exercises.  

Advantages of Kegel Exercises

Finally, an exercise you can do pretty much any time, anywhere, without breaking a sweat with a multitude of benefits!  By simply contracting and relaxing your pelvic floor, you’ll enjoy benefits to your health and well-being.

  • Improved bladder control: A major advantage of Kegel exercises is strengthening the pelvic floor to prevent urinary incontinence and reduce urge.
  • Increased female sensitivity: By toning the pelvic floor, many report experiencing increased sexual sensitivity and improved orgasm intensity.
  • Pregnancy support: Pregnancy can put considerable pressure on your pelvic floor.  By continuing to keep the pelvic floor strong will help prevent leaking during pregnancy and contribute to a faster recovery postpartum.
  • Prevent prolapse: A strong pelvic floor supports your pelvic organs.  Performing regular kegels, especially as you age can help to prevent prolapse, leading to possible surgery.
  • Better bowel control:  Regular Kegel exercises can improve bowel control, reducing fecal incontinence, constipation, and hemorrhoids.

Who Should Be Doing Kegels?

Kegels are good for everyone!  This simple exercise, when done consistently and correctly can aid in postpartum recovery, improve bladder control and sexual function, and help with pelvic floor disorders.

What Can Happen if You Do a Kegel Incorrectly?

It’s crucial to perform Kegel exercises correctly to avoid potential complications. Incorrect technique can cause unnecessary strain and actually worsen the conditions that you are aiming to improve.  Taking the time to learn to how to correctly do a Kegel will maximize the advantages of kegel exercises.

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Kegels Made Easy with Elitone

There’s no question that there are many advantages of kegel exercises when performed consistently and correctly.  If you’re concerned about your technique, Elitone can help ensure the right muscles are being targeted.  This FDA-cleared device uses small electrical targets to contract and release the muscles of your pelvic floor.  Learn more about how Elitone works!

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