Leaking Urine Treatment

What Are Your Options?

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Leaking urine is a condition that affects millions of people.  If you suffer from incontinence, you know that it can affect every aspect of your life including your ability to exercise, quality of sleep, and confidence in social situations.  If you have leaking urine treatment is available to help you regain control and improve your quality of life.

What is the Best Leaking Urine Treatment?

The first recommended leaking urine treatment is typically Kegel exercises.  The pros of doing Kegels are that you can do them anytime, they’re free, and when done correctly and consistently they are effective at helping to improve urinary incontinence.

While Kegel exercises may seem easy enough to do, sometimes the challenge can be remembering to do them and ensuring that they’re being done correctly.  In these cases, you may want to consider an at-home device to help stimulate and tone your pelvic floor muscles.  Elitone is a discreet pelvic floor trainer that can be used just twenty minutes a day to help naturally improve urinary incontinence. Most users see improvement in as little as six weeks.

Another simple option for leaking urine treatment is lifestyle modifications.  For many people, reducing or eliminating caffeine can reduce bladder irritation.  It is also helpful to maintain a healthy weight, avoid constipation, and stay hydrated.  While it may seem counterproductive, drinking enough water helps to reduce bladder irritation and incontinence.  

Surgery for Incontinence

For advanced cases of urinary incontinence, the best leaking bladder treatment may be surgery.  This option is typically only considered when more conservative options like exercises, lifestyle changes, and at-home devices have been unsuccessful.  By committing to an at-home treatment plan, you may be able to avoid surgical intervention.

Elitone is your easy to use at home treatment for incontinence.

Elitone – Leaking Bladder Treatment That is Effective and Discreet

Regardless of which leaking bladder treatment you choose, it’s important to understand that there are options available to help improve your urinary incontinence.  

Elitone is an FDA-cleared device that provides a fast and effective treatment option for those looking to improve bladder control and live a life free from the worry of leaks. 

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