5 Tips for Managing Leaks While Enjoying the Outdoors

5 tips to manage leaks while enjoying the outdoors can be difficult learn how Elitone can help.

Manage leaks to get outdoors

The end of summer and the beginning of fall conjures up visions of apple cider, and pumpkin patches, and walks through beautiful foliage. For too many women, those are things that are only enjoyed (or imagined) indoors, preferably with a bathroom close by. Outdoor activities become scary things, full of unknown destinations and unpredictable bathroom situations. Excuses like “I have allergies,” or “I’m not much of an outdoors person,” tend to mask the truth: no one wants to risk a leak due to urinary incontinence while enjoying the great outdoors.

While this fear can mean we end up playing it safe and staying inside, it can also be a motivator to finally get treatment for bladder leaks. Pads, diapers, and incontinence underwear are a bandage that simply addresses a symptom, and without a long-term plan, reliance on these items can leave us high and, well, not-so-dry. Treatments that address the root cause of bladder leaks can be life-changing, and lead to more adventures and excursions year-round. Elitone provides a completely external, non-intrusive solution for incontinence.

Don't let leaks stop you from enjoying the outdoors! Try Elitone to stop those leaks.

5 Tips to Avoid Accidents?

To make your outdoor trips more manageable, here are some tips to make things a little easier:

  1. Plan ahead. This is especially helpful when you’re going somewhere new and you want to make sure you know what to do when the urge to go arises. Depending on where you’re going, try to find a map or layout of the location online and find where the bathrooms are. If it’s a larger location, like a park or entertainment venue, those maps are usually easy to find. If the place you’re going to is smaller, like a restaurant, try to scout out the bathrooms when you get there, and see if you can be seated close enough that you won’t have to worry about a sudden urge to go. Additionally, making sure that you’re in a seat that you can get up from easily or beating the crowds at large venues (you know the lines ladies!) can make a huge difference. Sitting at a table with chairs instead of booths, or sitting at the end of the booth if there aren’t other options, can give you back those critical seconds you need when it’s time to go.
  2. Monitor your fluid intake. Staying hydrated is absolutely vital for your health, but if you worry that drinking too much water might lead to more frequent urination, you might feel like cutting back on this essential. When it comes to your fluid intake, the most important thing to remember is to listen to your body and try to pick up on the signs that it’s time for a bathroom break. There are even water bottles available that have visual measurements and lines on them to visually cue when a bathroom break is going to be needed soon.
  3. Bring backup. As much as we try to avoid leaking, it can happen and it’s important that we prepare for this kind of situation. Bringing extra pads, or a dry pair of underwear in a plastic bag, so the soiled underwear can be deposited afterward. Also, it’ll be a great reminder of how well often those backup options are needed or not anymore!
  4. Have a bladder buddy. We all know how difficult it can sometimes be to talk about our bladder leaking with a doctor or gynecologist. However, do you have someone in your life to whom you can open up about these things? Most people have that close friend or partner that they can reach out to about anything, so let them know what’s going on and what kind of support they need. While leaking can feel like an isolating condition, don’t forget about your support system and reach out to them if you feel comfortable.
  5. MOST IMPORTANTLY: Get started on your treatment today! This is the most important tip we have because once you’ve started your treatment regimen, the tips on this list won’t be necessary. Getting treatment with Elitone means you can regain control, regain confidence, and make leaks a thing of the past.

Imagine being able to join your family for a hike, go apple-picking at the local orchard, or even just enjoy a leisurely brunch in the sun with your friends, all because you decided to get treatment for your bladder leakage. It’s possible, and with Elitone on your side, you can breathe a sigh of relief and enjoy a life leak-free!

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