Increase Female Sensitivity Naturally

Improve Sexual Function and Intimacy

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Talking about female sensitivity and libido can be, well, a sensitive subject.  We’re here to make it a little less taboo and help you improve areas of your life that you should be enjoying.  If you’re curious about how you can increase female sensitivity naturally, we have a few tips that can help.

What Factors Affect Female Sensitivity?

Let’s start by saying that sensitivity can vary from person to person.  Try not to let your friend’s experiences influence your expectations.  However, if you want to increase female sensitivity naturally, it’s helpful to know what factors can affect it.  

There are a variety of underlying health issues that could affect your sensitivity and pleasure in intimate situations.  Hormonal imbalances, age, stress, and certain medications can impact your sensitivity levels.  If you suspect that these are the cause of your concerns, talk to your doctor.

How To Increase Female Sensitivity Naturally

Once health issues have been addressed, you may still be looking for ways to increase female sensitivity naturally.  

  1. Healthy lifestyle: It may seem basic, but living a healthy lifestyle can help to improve sexual health and function.  Try to get regular exercise to simulate blood flow throughout your body, including to the pelvic region.  Yoga and pilates are well known to help increase the strength of your pelvic floor.  A balanced diet can improve your cardiovascular health and hormonal balance.
  2. Reduce stress.  High cortisol levels are known to disrupt your body’s hormonal balance and sexual responsiveness.  Exercise, mindfulness, and meditation can all help to reduce stress and increase your libido naturally.
  3. Communication with your partner.  Whether you are in a new or long-term relationship, discussing issues around sensitivity can be uncomfortable.  Openly talking about your concerns, desires, and preferences can help to increase intimacy and pleasure.
  4. Pelvic floor exercises.  Kegels are not only beneficial in helping with urinary incontinence, but they are also a way to increase female sensitivity naturally.  The Kegel muscles can be exercised manually or by using a device that stimulates the muscle contractions for you.  If you are struggling to remember to do Kegels consistently, consider a device like Elitone, which can be used discreetly at home.

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Increase Female Sensitivity Naturally with Elitone

Elitone can help increase female sensitivity naturally and improve your intimate experiences by toning your pelvic floor muscles.  Elitone is an FDA-cleared device that works by stimulating the pelvic floor muscles, similar to a Kegel exercise.  By combining Elitone with other natural methods for improving sensitivity, you should see improvement in as little as six weeks.  Treat your sexual health concerns discreetly with Elitone!

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