Best Collagen Peptides Protein Powder for Women

11 Scientific Benefits Make a Case

Collagen Peptides Protein Powder for Women

Collagen Peptides Protein is Essential for Women’s Wellness: From Skin to Vaginal Health

Amid our bustling lives, focused on the well-being of our loved ones, we often overlook the importance of nourishing our own bodies. As a mother of two teenage sons engrossed in the world of weightlifting and protein-rich diets, I found myself reassessing my own nutritional choices. They know that protein can help build and keep muscle. Protein can also help you feel fuller longer, so you satisfy cravings. But that wasn’t for me; I was just trying to cut calories and carbohydrates. But my journey led me to a profound realization – the critical role of protein, particularly  Collagen Peptides Protein powder, in enhancing women’s health.

The Protein Dilemma: Beyond Building Muscle

A friend forwarded an article from the New York Times that opened my eyes. It essentially said that women, especially as they age may not be getting enough protein.

The recommended protein intake, roughly half a gram per pound of body weight, is equivalent to 87g for the average woman, which becomes challenging to attain through natural foods alone. Calorie reduction as you age further compounds this issue. Enter supplements, shakes, and boosts from protein powder for women – indispensable allies in maintaining optimal protein levels.

Aging Gracefully: Protein and Pelvic Floor Strength

Women may not think they need extra protein, because they are not trying to look like gymrats. However, as someone who helps women build pelvic floor muscle strength to keep bladder leaks at bay, I started to wonder if a lack of protein can hinder the strengthening of the pelvic floor.

Diving deeper into the impact of protein powder for women’s health, I couldn’t ignore the significance of collagen supplementation. There are many sources of protein, but collagen as a source has many other amazing benefits for women than, for example, the cheaper whey protein. Collagen, the body’s structural cornerstone, depletes as we age, affecting muscle integrity. This means that it’s not only a need for building muscle but trying to keep what we already have. For women focused on pelvic floor health, this revelation is paramount.

Collagen Peptides Protein powder specifically fills the protein gap and is essential for building and keeping muscles, and maintaining a healthy level of collagen in the body. Collagen is one of the most abundant proteins in the body. Beyond muscle support, collagen is the bedrock of various bodily functions. It fortifies skin and nails, prevents hair loss, supports bone density, and maintains tendon and joint health. These claims aren’t mere promises; they reflect the profound impact collagen has on our skeletal tissue – an aspect often overlooked in the pursuit of vibrant health.

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The Science Behind Collagen Peptides & Protein Powder for Women

This is for those of you who are skeptical. I know, there are grand claims. We dug into the research.

Biochemically, collagen is approximately one-third glycine such that every third amino acid is a glycine molecule. The next most prevalent amino acid is proline or its derivative, hydroxyproline. Together, proline and hydroxyproline comprise ∼23% of the amino acid content of the collagen molecule [ 1,2.] The hydroxylation of proline is carried out by the enzyme prolyl hydroxylase, which requires oxygen, iron, and ascorbate (i.e., vitamin C) as cofactors for successful activity. Okay- if you added Vitamin C to your supplement it would be even better!!!

Benefits of Proline in the Collagen Peptides

  1. Proline which is derived from Collagen: taken Orally for 8 weeks relieves Menopausal symptoms induced by estrogen decline and is suggested in treating Menopausal symptoms;
  2. Proline shows Estrogenic effects – Lowers pH of the vaginal tissue, which enhances the growth of lactobacillus the natural flora of vaginal tissue _ this prevents UTI!! ;
  3. Proline stimulates the promotion of bone growth- remember during menopause women experience to greatest degree of bone loss. [3];
  4. Proline prevents low estrogen-induced weight gain;
  5. Proline is suggested as an alternative to estrogen replacement therapy which is associated with cancer (Breast/Ovarian);

Benefits of Glycine in the Collagen Peptides

  1. Acts as antacid;
  2. The modulator of growing throughout the regulation of growth hormone (GH) synthesis;
  3. Improves muscle tone;
  4. Delays muscular degeneration [4];
  5. It has been reported that glycine also protects the intestine against the harmful effects of radiotherapy in cancer treatment [5];
  6. Dietary supplementation with glycine has been proposed as a potential way to treat conditions with low-grade inflammation, such as obesity [6]

Elevate Your Holistic Approach with Elivital Collagen Peptides Protein for Women

Elivital’s Collagen Peptide Protein not only has 18g of protein, but 20g of collagen peptides in every serving, which also uses the amino acids present to boost functionality. It is rich in the amino acids glycine, proline, hydroxyproline, and alanine, which help promote collagen synthesis in our body.

Proline increases estrogen in menopausal females, without estrogen therapy (remember, estrogen goes down during menopause, but the standard estrogen replacement therapy may be linked to high cancer risk). Increased estrogen lowers ph of vaginal tissue to help prevent urinary track infections (UTIs), and improve vaginal microbiota and lubrication.  This is why one often sees UTIs increase after menopause. And UTIs and incontinence are highly correlated.

Additionally, the Elivital Collagen Peptides Protein powder is hydrolyzed which means it is easy to digest and mix. Unflavored means it can go in almost anything, from coffee, to chia see pudding to smoothies. So while I don’t want to look like a gym rat, I do want to do everything I can do to make any pelvic floor muscle-strengthening efforts successful, and who wouldn’t want to benefit from less wrinkles and fuller hair?

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