Should I Wear Compression Socks Overnight?

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Compression socks have been gaining popularity recently as more and more people are learning about their multitude of benefits for your health and well-being.  While they may not be the peak of fashion, they can be used to naturally improve or treat a variety of medical conditions.  If you’re considering compression socks you probably have questions like “What can they help with?” and “Can I wear compression socks overnight?”.

What Can Compression Socks Help With?

One of the primary benefits of compression socks is their ability to improve blood flow and reduce fluid retention in your lower extremities.  By applying pressure on your veins, they promote blood flow and reduce swelling.  They can help with fatigue from sitting or standing for long hours, with fluid retention, and with recovery after strenuous exercise.

Who Should Wear Compression Socks?

If you’re wondering if compression socks can help you to feel better, there’s a good chance they can!  You should consider compression socks if you are:

  • Pregnant 
  • At risk for blood clots
  • Sit or stand for long periods of time
  • Suffer from nocturia
  • An athlete

Should I Wear Compression Socks Overnight?

In most cases, it’s recommended that you do not wear compression socks overnight unless otherwise directed by your doctor.

How Do Compression Socks Help with Incontinence?

If you find yourself waking often in the night to use the restroom, despite limited fluids in the evening, compression socks may be able to help.  Rather than fluid being released back into your system when you lay down at night, creating the urge to use restroom and disrupt your sleep, compression socks help to minimize fluid retention.  When you have less swelling and water retention during the day, you’ll likely find that you sleep better at night.

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Are All Compression Socks the Same?

In short, no!  At Elitone we offer medical-grade compression socks optimized for your specific concerns.  With several designs to choose from, as well as calf-size options, you can be confident that our compression socks are the best on the market.  With our compression socks, you don’t have to sacrifice fashion for function.  While other retailers carry boring, neutral tones, Elitone offers on trend colors and vibrant prints!

Whether you hope to improve recovery from a long run, reduce fatigue after a long day on your feet, or are looking for help to get a restful night’s sleep without bathroom breaks, compression socks are an at-home treatment that will help to improve your health and quality of life!  Visit our shop to find the right pair for you!

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