Women After Birth

Congratulations! You’ve mastered your baby’s midnight diaper changes. Now it’s time to tackle your own bladder leaks.

Postpartum care

Women After Birth

Congratulations! You’ve mastered your baby’s midnight diaper changes. Now it’s time to tackle your own bladder leaks.

ELITONE is approved by AWHONN (Association of Women’s Health, Obstetrics, and Neonatal Nurses) for the Healthy Mom & Baby program as the choice for postpartum recovery.

After nine months of anticipation, your little one is finally here. And even though you expected those seemingly endless diaper changes, you weren’t prepared for your own bladder leaks after childbirth. What’s going on?

Stress urinary incontinence in women after birth is common, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less annoying. You don’t have to let leaks slow you down. If you’re sick of soaked pads and have tried Kegel exercises, it may be time to find a solution that works toward eliminating your bladder leaks.

qI started having issues after childbirth and it was upsetting because I had always been a very active person. Physical therapy was helpful, but I needed something more. I bought a vaginal device to assist with kegels, but it was uncomfortable and hard to insert. ELITONE is totally different. It has been so easy to use and there is a definite improvement. I’m getting back to what is possible and feel much more hopeful!”>

Natalie, 37, had SUI issues after childbirth, ELITONE speeded her recovery

ELITONE® for Stress Urinary Incontinence

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Restoring pelvic floor health is key to postpartum recovery. Pregnancy and childbirth are traumatic for your pelvic floor muscles, which is why many women experience urinary incontinence after birth. Your pelvic floor muscles have been stretched and possibly damaged, resulting in less support for controlling your bladder. That’s where ELITONE comes in.

ELITONE is a safe, FDA-cleared treatment for reducing bladder leaks.* ELITONE is not inserted vaginally and is worn externally like a pad. Our convenient device fits discreetly under your clothing, so you can continue your normal routine. Wear it while cooking dinner, taking a walk, or on a conference call.


ELITONE is cleared by the FDA to treat stress urinary incontinence in women. The device gently stimulates your pelvic floor muscles to contract and relax, essentially doing your Kegel exercises for you. These exercises strengthen and tighten your pelvic floor muscles so they can do what they’re supposed to do—support your bladder. ELITONE does 100 Kegel contractions during a 20-minute treatment session. Simply use ELITONE at least four times per week to see fewer leaks and improve recovery time. Stop worrying, and start treating.​

FAQs for Moms with Bladder Leaks After Birth

Unfortunately, yes. As pelvic floor muscles heal after birth, many women deal with some incontinence. However, this type of incontinence shouldn’t be permanent, and there are treatments to restore your pelvic floor health.

Pelvic floor muscles often recover, but regaining full strength depends on the muscle tone pre-birth, the degree of trauma during birth, and the mother’s age, among other factors. Even if postpartum incontinence goes away, there may be more likelihood of incontinence in the future if the pelvic floor muscles are not exercised adequately.

The first step is to consult your healthcare provider to determine when is best for your situation. Most women can start treating with ELITONE as early as six weeks after birth.

  • ELITONE is cleared by the FDA and proven to reduce or eliminate leaks.
  • The device is completely noninvasive. Nothing gets inserted into the vagina, which may be larger than normal and still recovering after birth.
  • The design allows you to stay active and take care of your new baby while getting treatment.
  • ELITONE can speed your postpartum recovery because it does Kegels longer and stronger than you could do on your own.

Too busy to think about it now?

We get it. Who has time for an in-depth study of incontinence treatment options when you have a newborn? If you want more information, please submit your email, and we’ll stay in touch so you can continue learning on your schedule.

Mothers with newborn shouldn't have to think about leaks

Regain Control. Regain Confidence ®

*Consult your healthcare provider prior to use if you are fewer than six weeks postpartum or fewer than three months post-cesarean section. See the Indications for Use for a complete list of contraindications.