Postpartum Healing and Postpartum Working Out

Congratulations! You’ve mastered your baby’s midnight diaper changes. Now it’s time to tackle your own postpartum healing.

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Postpartum Exercise and Healing

Congratulations! You’ve mastered your baby’s midnight diaper changes. Now it’s time to tackle your own postpartum healing.

After nine months of anticipation, your little one is finally here. And even though you expected those seemingly endless diaper changes, you weren’t prepared for your own bladder leaks after childbirth. What is postpartum? It is a time for mom to take care of herself. A time for healing after the amazing feat she just performed, a time for love of this little one, and a time for postpartum exercise.

Restoring pelvic floor health is key to postpartum recovery. Pregnancy and childbirth are traumatic for your pelvic floor muscles, which is why many women experience urinary incontinence after birth. Your pelvic floor muscles have been stretched and possibly damaged, resulting in less support for controlling your bladder.

You may think you want to get out, and go for a walk or jog with the new baby. What we would like you to focus on first, is making sure that your pelvic floor muscles are stronger, not only to take care of those bladder leaks but to prevent future pelvic organ prolapse (when the support for your organs weakens and falls.) Postpartum exercise means pelvic floor exercise (those Kegels you may have heard about). Stay tuned to the end for a discussion on postpartum working out.

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Elitone is the only pelvic floor treatment for postpartum incontinence recommended by AWHONN (Association of Women’s Health, Obstetric and Neonatal Nurses) and highlighted in care packages for postpartum recovery at hospitals nationwide.

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Your Own Postpartum Healing Kit: Elitone

Why? Taking control of your pelvic floor takes work. While Kegel exercises can help, many women do them incorrectly. Other solutions can be invasive and time-consuming, and their treatment regimes are often hard to integrate into a busy schedule. Pads are always an option, but they’re inconvenient and uncomfortable.

Elitone is a safe, FDA-cleared treatment for reducing bladder leaks.* Elitone is not inserted vaginally and is worn externally like a pad. Our convenient device fits discreetly under your clothing, so you can continue your normal routine. Wear it while changing a diaper, breastfeeding, or cooking dinner.

The device gently stimulates your pelvic floor muscles externally to contract and relax, essentially doing your Kegel exercises for you. These exercises strengthen and tighten your pelvic floor muscles so they can do what they’re supposed to do—support your bladder. Elitone does 100 Kegel contractions during a 20-minute treatment session. Use Elitone at least four times weekly to see fewer leaks and improve recovery time. This not only helps incontinence but it’s your postpartum healing kit for at-home use.

FAQs for Moms with Postpartum Bladder Leaks

Postpartum bladder leaks are very common. Pregnancy and delivery put tremendous stress on your body. Your pelvic floor muscles play an important part of controlling your bladder, and they need time to recover.

The muscles may recover on their own, but regaining full strength depends on your pre-birth muscle tone, the degree of muscle trauma, your age, and other factors. Even if postpartum incontinence goes away, you may be more likely to have incontinence in the future.

The first step is to consult your healthcare provider to determine when is best for your situation. Most women can start treating with Elitone as early as six weeks after birth.

  • Elitone is cleared by the FDA and proven to reduce or eliminate leaks.
  • The device is completely noninvasive. Nothing gets inserted into the vagina, which may be larger than normal and still recovering after birth.
  • The design allows you to stay active and take care of your new baby while getting treatment.
  • Elitone can speed your postpartum recovery because it does Kegels longer and stronger than you could do on your own.
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Postpartum working out? When is too soon? What postpartum exercises are best?

Once your pelvic floor strength is stable and the bleeding has subsided, you may be interested in getting out or getting stronger. Good for you!

Start by doing very low-impact exercises, such as walking or hand weights. Remember your pelvic floor muscles are a hammock that support all your organs above it, so any impact exercises, like jogging, means those muscles brace the force from all the weight above it.

Secondly, slow movements are still the best, so your core body has time to adjust and brace itself for different positions. We recommend exercises like pilates, yoga, and isometric holds. Need to take it up a notch? Consider something like LaGree workouts where using your own body weight resistance and slides to build muscle.

You may want to consider pulling your belly muscles in to reduce diastasis recti. You can coordinate your muscles to do Kegels at the same time too. Mastered the basic Kegels? Try these advanced Kegel maneuvers.

What to also avoid for postpartum working out? Situps, crunches and anything where your abdomen is pushing downward on your pelvic floor muscles.

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Elitone is a discreet, non-intrusive pelvic floor exerciser that treats stress incontinence by doing Kegels for you – longer and stronger than you can on your own. FDA-cleared for over the counter use with no prescription required, Elitone is built for women who leak when laughing, sneezing, standing-up, or exercising. Elitone tones your pelvic floor muscles and is proven to reduce leaks after just 6 weeks. Soon you’ll be able to wear the gray leggings, run the extra mile, laugh without worry, and leave your leaks behind for good – guaranteed.

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Regain Control. Regain Confidence ®

*Consult your healthcare provider prior to use if you are fewer than six weeks postpartum or fewer than three months post-cesarean section. See the Indications for Use for a complete list of contraindications.