ELITONE empowers you to be in control of your bladder leaks & pelvic health.

I have tried Kegel exercises – when I think about doing them. Luckily, I have found a solution that “thinks” about strengthening the pelvic floor muscles for me! This is very comfortable to wear and in fact, it wasn’t as bulky as a pad!” — Carol Y., Grandma

Strong muscles are key.

Pelvic floor muscles must be toned in order to control bladder leaks. These muscles need regular exercise but it can be hard to do correctly and frequently. ELITONE is a pelvic floor exerciser that sends therapeutic stimulation to safely and comfortably perform Kegel exercises for you, but longer and stronger than you could on your own. ELITONE’s PMW technology* is designed to maximize comfort and efficacy.

Muscle stimulated by ELITONE

Designed for simplicity.

How to wear ELITONE device


Apply the thin GelPad on skin like a pantyliner, then connect to the small controller, get dressed, and go! ELITONE allows you to go about your day during treatment.

“I was surprised how easy, comfortable and just how very discreet it is to use.” — Chiara, Philly


Adjust the stimulation level to begin comfortable pelvic floor muscle contractions. You’re always in control and can pause or stop the treatment at any time. After 20 minutes of quiet treatment, ELITONE automatically turns off. Done!

The device is convenient, not complicated, and I liked that I could take control over my destiny.”
— Lonna, Age 58

ELITONE is easy to hold and use

ELITONE is discreet to wear


Wear ELITONE discreetly, and forget about it. Each session provides 100 pelvic floor contractions. Treat 5 times per week, whenever and wherever is convenient for you. Many women see improvement in as few as 6 weeks. Follow up with maintenance sessions as needed.

“I do like that I can wear the device around the house, and no one can tell—it is lightweight, easy to use, discreet.”  — Beth, Age 57

“20 minutes a day is all it takes to get a huge chunk of my life back.” — Jennifer H, Healthy Hippie Mommy

Reduced leaks in a few weeks.

ELITONE has been tested in clinical studies reviewed by the FDA. In one study, 95% of women reported fewer leaks, with an average reduction of 71% in only 6 weeks. Naturally, reduction in pad use occurs over multiple weeks of consistent use. As shown in the graph, one 58-year-old woman improved from 17 accidents per week to just 2.

Patient improves from 17 to 2 pads a week in 6 weeks

“My incontinence was preventing me from going out as I was leaking constantly. I tried a prescription from my urologist (which didn’t work) and moved from pads to expensive pull-ups. After an embarrassing accident at my hair salon, I was relieved when my daughter found ELITONE online. We immediately bought it. After 2 months, I no longer need to wear pads and can go anywhere without fear!” — Joela, age 71


ELITONE now, savings later.

“I am having less bladder leakage and definitely not using those costly pads.”— Cyndee N.

Pads are expensive, and leaks worsen over time

You are right to be worried. Symptoms typically worsen with time, and later, nonsurgical pelvic floor exercisers like ELITONE may not be an option. Treat now and your future self will thank you.

Doing nothing is expensive. Pads may not seem like a big expense, but they can add up to $750 per year. Treat bladder leaks now to save you thousands of $.

I want to Live Life Leak Free®

*PMW is Pre-Modulated Waveform