ELITONE University

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ELITONE Product Info

General info about ELITONE and incontinence. This is material the a sales professional should know as background information for selling ELITONE.

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Product Quiz

Test your knowledge of all things incontinence and ELITONE… and see how you compare to other ELITONE sales professionals.

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Presenting to Healthcare Providers

Ready to make your first sales call? These presentation materials will help structure your conversation.

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Schedule a Virtual Practice Presentation

Spend 30 minutes practicing your ELTONE pitch to a member of our team. We’ll let you know if you didn’t say something just right, so you can go into your sales calls with total confidence.

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Onboarding Clinics

You’ve sold the clinic on the benefits of ELITONE, but to be successful the clinician and staff need to be taught how to sell ELITONE to their patients.

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Ordering or Downloading Brand Materials

We offer a lot of physical and digital materials to help keep ELITONE front and center in the minds of your clinicians and their patients. These include clinician brochures, patient brochures, posters, logos, and much more.

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Learn More Best Practices

Follow these suggestions to really make your account grow.

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  • [Leveraging the Nurses Network]
  • [How to mine your current customer list]
  • [Using the Distributor and Affiliate models]