Stress Incontinence Treatment Guide

ELITONE info to take to your doctorHaving an open conversation with your doctor about stress incontinence is important.

Let the ELITONE Stress Incontinence Treatment Guide be your conversation starter. This guide can help you discuss with a doctor your specific symptoms—when and how often you leak as well as the volume of your stress incontinence leaks.

The more a doctor knows about your symptoms, the better they can help develop the best treatment plan for you.

Download, print and share with your doctor OR share directly from your phone.



Some insurance providers cover the cost of ELITONE. Check with your insurance company for coverage of “Non-implanted Pelvic floor Electrical Stimulator” HCPCS/DME code E0740.  They may require your doctor to provide a prescription and evidence that you’ve tried Kegel exercises first for at least 4 weeks.

We cannot bill your insurer, so you will need to first purchase ELITONE from us and then obtain reimbursement from your provider.