Getting Started with ELITONE®

Getting Started with ELITONE

Where to Place the GelPad

DAILY LOG: This daily log is a printable sheet to help you keep track of your treatments, leaks and pads used. It is encouraging to track your progress!

We encourage you to try the GelPad in different positions (try an inch forward or an inch backwards) to find the spot most effective for you. Many women feel better contractions when the GelPad is fairly low on the pubic bone. A good starting place is when the apex of the hole (top center opening) is right around the clitoris (just an anatomical landmark) so that the blue conductive areas are around and above the urethra.

Everyone’s body reacts differently to the stimulus. We do encourage you to start at a comfortable level. That being said, for the device to be effective you should try to push yourself to the highest possible level you can tolerate. It should “almost” be uncomfortable, but not quite.  There are 35 levels (within the 7 lights).  We recommend a goal of getting to the 4th light or more. (We have seen women say the device didn’t work for them, only to find out they were only on the 2nd light…) See below Q&A for more tips.

Everyone’s body is different. Typically you start to feel pulses on the surface, then as you increase intensity you will start to feel the contractions inside (a tightening). Muscle tightening does not need to feel deep. Stimulation around the urethra is still beneficial, and women in the clinical studies have improved their incontinence without feeling typical contractions.  However, we suggest:

  • Trying different GelPad placements for the best contraction for your body (see placement FAQ).
  • The placement may require shaving to get good skin contact.
  • Try sitting down, as it presses the GelPad closer to the muscle.
  • If the skin is too dry, less current is transmitted, so try leaving the GelPad on for 20 minutes and then turning the device on.
  • Try going up higher in intensity. You may feel you cannot go higher because of sensations on the skin. After 3-5 minutes of the treatment, the skin may get a little numb, in which you could probably turn up the intensity.  We would actually recommend turning it as high as you go, so that it is almost painful, then backing off one level.

If you are doing all those things (with a new GelPad) and you are maxing out (at the highest level and not feeling anything), then this device may not be strong enough for you. If within 60 days then we can refund the device. You may also call us to troubleshoot.

Some women are busy and just want to put it on and go. Others say the device helps them remember to do contractions and use the timing as a guide.  Some literature shows that doing active Kegels with a device is beneficial.

The battery naturally drains when sitting unused.  Using the device at higher intensities, body type, and amount of time not used places a role in battery drainage. The small battery is a tradeoff for being so tiny and light. We suggest that you charge the device the night before so it is ready when you want it.  If you are in a rush and you see a blinking red light, you do not need to wait to charge the battery the entire way, just the minimum (perhaps 5-10 minutes) to get a green light for 1 use.

How quickly you see results depends on the severity of your leaks beforehand, body type, consistency of use, as well as the intensity level you treat on.  Keep in mind, some women in our studies did not see any improvement in the first 4 weeks (and almost felt like they were getting worse) before they got better.

After the initial treatment (which can last up to 12 weeks), some women can then do Kegel exercises correctly and they are strong enough to maintain muscle tone through Kegels.  For other women, some do a few sessions every few months, and some do a session(s) every other week or every week.  This is highly variable.

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