Do you leak when you run?

If you’re dealing with the anxiety and embarrassment of peeing during runs, it’s time to take control of your bladder with ELITONE.

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Take Control of your Pelvic Floor and Start Running Leak Free.

After finishing a run with an embarrassing wet spot you may be asking yourself, “Why is this happening?” and “Does this happen to other women?”

1 in 3 women leak urine while exercising. This type of bladder leakage is called stress urinary incontinence (SUI) and is usually associated with weak pelvic floor muscles. Running puts pressure with every step on the pelvic floor muscles to keep the bladder valve closed. The constant pressure can make it worse over time. Don’t give up on exercising which is so good for you. Just know that besides managing fluids, routes, and anxiety, there are treatments to help.

You have to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles to treat the underlying problem. Elitone can help.

Elitone® is an easy, external, and effective way to help regain control over bladder leaks and get back to leak-free running.

  • Elitone is cleared by the FDA and proven to reduce or eliminate stress incontinence.
  • In a recent study, 95% of women reported a reduction in leaks.
  • Elitone is completely external. Nothing is inserted vaginally, making it both convenient and comfortable.
  • Treatment only takes 20 minutes a day, so it’s perfect for women who are always on the go.

Isn’t it time to run without worry?

I was surprised by how quickly Elitone started to work! Within 1 ½ – 2 weeks, I saw a difference, especially with running. I’ve had issues with leaking since I was a teenager, but it got much worse after having my daughter 6 years ago, plus a bad flu where I became terrified of sneezing. I wish I had bought Elitone sooner!”

– Lauren

Thank you Elitone creators for giving me my life back. At only 42 I felt so defeated, alone, & embarrassed for having this problem. I literally could feel my bladder lifting with this treatment. I’m back to running again because of you. Forever grateful for this device. Absolutely recommend it for all women!!”

– Mariel

On the run and need time to research your options?

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Imagine how great you’ll feel when you’re totally dry after that long run. There is no better time to get started with treating your bladder leaks. The next step is up to you! Live Life Leak Free® with Elitone.

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