Do you leak when you run?

“I was surprised by how quickly ELITONE started to work! Within 1 ½ – 2 weeks, I saw a difference, especially with running. I’ve had issues with leaking since I was a teenager, but it got much worse after having my daughter 6 years ago, plus a bad flu where I became terrified of sneezing. I wish I had bought ELITONE sooner!”

– Lauren, 38, Runner and Mom of 1

40% of Elite Runners Pee While Running

Bladder leaks don’t plague only the fastest ladies in your running club. Pee while running can happen regardless of your pace or mileage. In fact, 1 in 3 women leaks urine while exercising, as well as when laughing or sneezing. This type of bladder leakage is called stress urinary incontinence (SUI) and usually is associated with weak pelvic floor muscles. When women exert themselves during exercise, bladder leaks can worsen. If you’re dealing with the anxiety and embarrassment of peeing while running, take control of your pelvic floor health by learning about the convenient solutions for incontinence.

Running without leaks
Running without leaks
ELITONE Best New Product of the year Pelvic floor

What can I do about my bladder leaks?

Here are some tips on how active women who leak urine can avoid pee while running:

  • Good Planning. Before your run, empty your bladder, don’t over hydrate, and know the location of public bathrooms on your route.
  • Kegel Exercises. Strengthening your pelvic floor muscles with Kegel exercises is often a doctor’s first suggestion when treating incontinence. However, Kegels only help if you do them correctly and consistently. ELITONE® helps with that!
  • Adjust Your Form. Each running step puts pressure on your pelvic floor muscles and bladder, causing leaks. Work on reducing the bounce in your stride to reduce this pressure.  Running with a slight forward lean can activate your core and keep everything in place.
  • Clothing. Compression running pants can support the lower abdomen and keep your core under control.
  • Vaginally Inserted Therapies. These devices include inserted weights (e.g., Jade Egg), sensors that indicate correct Kegel form, and muscle stimulators that exercise your pelvic floor for you. Learn more about the available devices.
  • External Stimulation. Newly developed, FDA-cleared devices like ELITONE exercise your pelvic floor muscles without inserting anything vaginally. ELITONE won an important “Best New Product Award” in 2019.
  • Surgery. For the most severe cases, your doctor may recommend surgery to create more support for your pelvic floor and bladder. Read more about the risks of surgery.
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No vaginal insertion, surgery, or drugs


Leaks reduced from 17 to 2 per week after a few weeks of using ELITONE


Bladder leakage during exercise 


Run without leaking.

Tired of wearing pads for every run? We get that. With ELITONE you’ll notice fewer leaks in as few as 6 weeks. In a recent study, 95% of women reported a reduction in leaks. Isn’t it time to run without worry?

Professional-level treatment without doctor visits.

FDA-cleared ELITONE does your Kegel exercises for you in the safest, most efficient way possible. Gentle, low-frequency pulses make all the difference. ELITONE is 100% external – nothing goes inside you.

Designed to fit conveniently into your life.

Put on the comfortable GelPads under your clothes, adjust the intensity of treatment, and go about your daily activities during the 20-minute sessions. The tiny device automatically stops when the session is over. ELITONE empowers YOU to be in control of your pelvic floor health.

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Imagine how great you’ll feel when you’re totally dry after that long run. There is no better time to get started with treating your bladder leaks. The next step is up to you! Live Life Leak Free™ with ELITONE.

ELITONE Best New Product for treating incontinence

FAQs from Runners with Leaks

Your pelvic floor muscles act as a foundation that supports many of your internal organs, including your bladder. Each running stride puts tremendous pressure on these muscles. If these muscles are weak, a little bit of urine can squeeze past them with every step. During a long run, these muscles can become completely fatigued, resulting in even larger leaks.

Left untreated, SUI typically gets worse. Think of your pelvic floor like any other muscle. If you don’t exercise it, the muscle gets weaker and weaker. Unfortunately, many women ignore their incontinence, thinking its a natural part of aging. It’s not and should be treated.

If your symptoms are relatively mild, there is no reason to stop exercising. However, you should pursue treatment. If you have severe incontinence, it’s a good idea to discuss the frequency of pee while running with your healthcare provider to determine if exercise is making your incontinence worse.