Confused by Pelvic Trainers?

Elitone® is a better option for toning your pelvic floor and eliminating embarrassing bladder leaks.

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Pelvic Trainers vs Elitone: What’s the difference?

Pelvic floor muscles support your internal organs, so it is important to keep them strong and healthy. However, many women have difficulty understanding where these muscles are and how to exercise them properly. Letting them become weak can lead to painful sex, bladder leaks, prolapse, and other health problems.

Pelvic trainers use a vaginally inserted probe to measure how strong you are contracting your pelvic floor muscles, and a mobile app to “coach” you on doing better Kegels. They are sold as tools to improve your pelvic floor health and are available over the counter from a variety of manufacturers.

Pelvic floor trainers should be used several times a week and require dedicated focus during use to be effective.

Did you know there is a non-invasive alternative that does the muscle contractions for you? Keep reading to learn more about Elitone, the easy, effective, external solution to toning your pelvic floor and reducing bladder leaks.

Kegel exercisers are often vaginal

Pelvic Trainers

Pelvic floor trainers are inserted vaginally and include a sensor to measure how forcefully you contract your pelvic floor muscles. So YOU do the work, not the device. The idea is that the device acts as a “coach”, letting you know whether you’re contracting the muscles correctly and improving over time.

ELITONE is an external Kegel Exerciser to stimulates pelvic floor muscles to reduce urinary leaks


Elitone sends a signal to your pelvic floor muscles that causes them to contract. Elitone does the work for you. It exercises your pelvic floor with 100 Kegel exercises in 20 minutes, without you having to even think about it. It’s also completely external, so nothing to insert.

Compare your Options

Elitone White border200Pelvic Trainers
Mechanism of ActionExercises Pelvic Floor FOR You“Coaches” Kegel Exercises
TechnologyMuscle StimulationContraction Sensing
FDA-ClearanceIncontinence TreatmentNone
Application SiteExternal (Like a Pad)Internal (Vaginally Inserted)
WearabilityWear it while you go about your day. Just 20 minutes a dayUse while laying flat or standing with legs shoulder width apart
UsabilityJust 2 buttons. No app requiredMust pair with mobile app to operate
Guarantee100% Refund for 60 days if you don’t improve.No returns after first use.
Elitone vs Pelvic Trainer

Regain Control.

Regain Confidence.

Elitone® is the no probes, no pain pelvic floor exerciser that fits under your clothes and into your busy schedule. Wear it like a pad for 20 minutes a day and stop your leaks for good.

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Life Leak Free®

Elitone® is the no probes, no pain pelvic floor exerciser that fits under your clothes and into your busy schedule. Wear it like a pad for 20 minutes a day and stop your leaks for good.

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Elitone only takes 20 minutes a day, is thinner than a pad, and is comfortable. Wear it while you go about your normal day.

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See fewer leaks in just weeks. 95% of users had success with Elitone. It’s FDA-cleared and doctor-recommended.

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Wear Elitone under your clothes, where you would put a pad, but adhere gently to your skin. Get dressed and clip the controller discreetly in your pocket or at your waistline.

What women are saying about Elitone

“I hated doing Kegels…I still do. I have been using the product in my home for just about 3 weeks now, and I am actually very pleased with how comfortable the product is to use. I wear it under my clothing and set it for the 20 minutes session, and go about my regular day.” – Shandi ★★★★★

“Phenomenal! No more leaks after using for a month. This gadget pays for itself.” – Anonymous ★★★★★

“This is brilliant! It is so not invasive, so simple and so comfortable. I’ve tried so many things over the last 15 years. This was the easiest, yet the most productive. I truly love your product ” – Lori ★★★★★

“I saw a Pelvic PT after the birth of my 5th child. They greatly helped me, but with a baby I got behind on doing my kegels and exercises recommended by the PT. I have seen much improvement with leaking from the past 6 weeks using the Elitone. It is easy to use and would recommend. I am am on my way to healing my pelvic floor.” – Jennifer ★★★★★