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Are you doing Kegels the recommended 3x per day? Probably not. 80% of women say they don’t do Kegel’s often enough, and 25% don’t do them correctly. We struggle with Kegels because we…


Don’t make the time

Don’t see results

Don’t do them correctly

If you’re reading this you’ve probably asked yourself “Is there anything else I can try?” Thankfully the answer is “YES!”   There are several ways to improve your pelvic floor.

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You have options

  • More Kegels – If done correctly and often enough the work, but sometimes its just better to get a little help.
  • Physical Therapy – Sessions with a trained professional can do wonders, but these “internal” pelvic massages are not for everyone, and scheduling appointments can be inconvenient.
  • Surgery – Sling procedures can tighten the loose tissue, but there are significant risks.
  • Use-At-Home Kegel Devices – A variety of FDA cleared options provide safe, effective, convenient self-treatment.

Use-at-Home Kegel Devices are a great option for many women, but…

Not all Kegel devices are the same.

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Kegel weights, Kegel trainers, and vaginal stimulators can all be used at home and are reasonable solutions for toning the pelvic floor muscles and reducing bladder leaks. However, these devices are inserted vaginally, which many women find awkward, uncomfortable and inconvenient.

Newly developed external devices like ELITONE® treat the pelvic floor muscles without vaginal insertion.

Most Women Prefer External Treatments like ELITONE

Kegel weights are inserted vaginally, and then the user contracts her pelvic floor muscles to keep the weight from falling out. These come is a variety of types and are known other names including “Jade Egg”, “Kegel Balls” and  “Be Wa Balls”. Recommended use ranges from a few minutes a day to all day long.


  • Simple design (i.e. no moving parts, electronics)


  • Many women are hesitant to use a vaginally inserted device
  • Risk of infection
  • User must actively contract her pelvic floor muscles during use
  • Not FDA cleared for treating bladder leaks.

Kegel Trainers are inserted vaginally and “coach” the user through a Kegel exercise routine. Many have sensors that provide feedback regarding how strongly the muscles are contracting. These devices are intended to make you better at doing Kegels.


  • Enables you to improve your Kegel technique
  • Encourages more regular Kegel exercises.


  • Many women are hesitant to use a vaginally inserted device
  • Risk of infection
  • Must lie down during treatment
  • Relies on the user to contract the muscles, which can be challenging for some women.
  • Most are not FDA cleared for treating bladder leaks

Vaginal stimulators deliver electrical current to the pelvic floor muscles through a vaginally inserted electrode.  The signal causes the muscles to contract and relax in a pattern that tones the pelvic floor. There are a number of manufacturers of these devices.


  • Directly targets the pelvic floor muscles
  • Contracts the pelvic floor muscles for you
  • Most are FDA cleared for treating bladder leaks


  • Many women are hesitant to use a vaginally inserted device
  • Risk of infection
  • Must lie down during treatment
  • Requires a private place and time

External stimulators work by delivering a small electrical signal through the skin and to the underlying pelvic floor muscles. This causes them to comfortably contract and relax, much like the brain sends electrical signals that cause muscles to contract and relax. ELITONE® is the first such device FDA cleared for over-the-counter use. Recommended treatments are 20 minutes per day, 4-5x per week.


  • Nothing is inserted vaginally
  • You don’t need to lie down during the treatment
  • You can stay busy doing other things during treatment
  • Contracts the pelvic floor muscles for you
  • FDA cleared for treating bladder leaks


  • The GelPads can cause a skin irritation in a small percentage of women.

Easy as 1, 2, 3

Women are busy. It’s hard for us to find time for self-care, particularly when it comes to matters “down there”. ELITONE allows you to treat anytime and anywhere.

The disposable GelPad is worn under your clothing, in the same way you wear a pad. You set a comfortable intensity level and then forget about it. ELITONE does to work contracting your pelvic floor muscles 100 times each 20 minute session. After 6 weeks most women see improvement.

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Next Steps

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