Dancing Again

Her Struggle

Sheila had incontinence for 17 years, but it was manageable.  She didn’t think the situation was too bad because she learned to manage it with lifestyle changes.  She had trained herself not to drink anything all day and to stay away from certain activities.

A long time ago she had scoliosis and had electrolysis at night for many years that kept her out of a back brace. She used TENS for pain as well, and so understood the importance of technology in physical therapy.  She had no issues trying a new incontinence therapy using electrical stimulation.

Her Approach & Results

When she saw the ELITONE Incontinence Therapy she decided to give it a try.
The true test was one day they were rushing to a neighbor state for her daughter’s softball game.  She went 4 hours in the car with no stopping and didn’t even have a problem getting to the restroom after they arrived. Then after the game, Sheila went to dinner and then dancing!  Dancing was an activity that she had stopped doing because of leaks. It wasn’t until she came home that she realized she had no issues with incontinence.