How to do Kegels: Advanced Tips and Tricks

Take your Kegels to the next level to be effective with advanced tips and tricks.

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Which Urinary Incontinence ICD 10 Code Do I Use?

A review of the current incontinence ICD 10 and HCPCS codes to help your practice.

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Is Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy For Me?

Nervous about what they do in pelvic floor physical therapy? Everything you wanted to know.

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What to Know About Bladder Sling Surgery for Incontinence

Incontinence Mesh Tool

What you should consider before bladder or urethral sling surgery, also known as pelvic mesh.

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Seeking Incontinence Help: Which Doctor to Consult?

speak with a doctor, if experiencing bladder leaks

Learn which healthcare professionals you can speak with about incontinence.

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Treating Incontinence: From Vaginal Mesh to Non-Vaginal Options

woman sneezing

Thinking of “vaginal mesh” surgery? Reconsider conservative treatments first.

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When Kegels Don’t Cut It: Alternatives to Kegel Exercises

When Kegels don’t cut it, consider these 5 Kegel alternatives to improve pelvic floor health.

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Why and When Not To Treat Incontinence

Mom too busy with work and family

Women deal with incontinence for years without treatment. How to get past the common excuses.

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How to do Kegel Exercises

Learn how to do Kegel exercises correctly for effectiveness. Learn about short & long muscles fibers and other advanced tips.

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Comparison of Best Kegel Exercisers 2020

various kegel exercise devices to help with urinary incontinence

Which Kegel exercise device is best? Compare the pros and cons of the most popular Kegel devices.

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