The Teacher Who Can’t Take a Break

Her Struggle

Meet Heather, a 42 year-old teacher who struggled with urinary incontinence all her life. Although she tried Kegels to strengthen her pelvic floor, they didn’t help, and she had to modify her activity to keep from leaking multiple times a day. This meant no more running, or drinking coffee, or soda. Sometimes, even standing up was enough to cause a leak. As a teacher, these modifications were hard and sometimes impossible to accommodate as she often has to go long stretches without a break.

Heather has also struggled with frequent urination in the night, and as a result will have to wake up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom. It had gotten to the point where she was having difficulty sleeping through the night and was extremely worried about her incontinence getting worse as she got older. Heather needed a solution to her incontinence, not just to manage her symptoms.

Her Approach & Results

After testing the ELITONE Incontinence Therapy for about six weeks, Heather saw results she had never seen before. Prior to ELITONE, standing up was enough to cause a leak, now it is only when a strong sneeze comes on. She was especially impressed with the results a non-invasive device gave her, especially since she avoids all unnecessary surgeries.

Looking towards the future, she is feeling more hopeful.