Mother With Active Son

Her Struggle

Shannon is a mother who has been suffering with incontinence since the birth of her son seven years ago. On a good day she will have five incontinence accidents, but a bad day can leave her with anywhere between 8-12 accidents. Shannon had to be careful doing everyday activities like sitting down and standing up. She is extremely frustrated having to modify her activity like this, especially since she has a young son. Shannon tried Kegels to fix this, but they didn’t make any change and she could never tell if she was doing them correctly. She was very nervous that her incontinence would get worse as she gets older and was tired of worrying about leaks whenever she coughs or sneezes.

Her Approach & Results

After participating in a short, six week study with ELITONE, Shannon saw great results. It took her a couple days to get used to a “weird sensation” of her pelvic floor contracting, but after the first two days she was able to use the device while doing other things like walking her dog without having to worry about discomfort.

After a month, she was already able to cut the amount of absorbent pads she used in half and was much less worried about everyday activities. Shannon feels much less helpless against her incontinence now. She even went on the trampoline with her son! She can see this device helping a lot of people and says “anyone can benefit from it.” If Shannon was able to see results in this short amount of time, imagine what she’d see after a full 12 weeks of incontinence therapy.

Update: After 1 year Shannon reports she has maintained the benefits!