Introducing the new ELITONE Mobile App* for iPhone! Use it to:

  • Create a treatment schedule
  • Keep track of your daily leaks
  • See your progress over time
  • Monitors each treatment
  • Order more GelPads


Download on the Apple App Store

The App is not required to operate the ELITONE device. The App only works with an App Enabled ELITONE device.  It will not work with a standard ELITONE device.

    Currently, the app is only available for iOS/Apple devices. The app is in BETA testing and there may be connectivity issues. If you would like an iOS App-enabled device, use

  1. Enter code ELITONEAPP at checkout to let us know you would like to receive the ELITONE App.
  2. When you receive your device, follow the provided instructions to download the App.


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Do I need to use the mobile app to use my ELITONE device?

No, the ELITONE device is fully functional without the mobile app. Use the app to monitor your treatment, know when to charge your device, track your leaks, and plan your treatment schedule.

I already bought my ELITONE device – does it work with the mobile app?

Not all ELITONE devices are able to connect to the mobile app. The mobile app version of the ELITONE is currently only available for limited release. Please contact us for more information

Where can I download the ELITONE Mobile App? Is it Free?

The ELITONE Mobile App is free on the Apple App Store. For Android users, subscribe to our mailing list to stay tuned for information when it is available.

What does the mobile app show me during my treatments?

The Monitor Screen shows your ELITONE’s battery level, time remaining in your 20 minute treatment, the intensity level, and whether your muscles are in the contract or relax phase.

How do I keep track of my leaks?

On the Plan Screen, you can add Leak Logs by clicking on the day you want to add the log and using the slider bar to select the number of leaks that occurred that day.  On the Track Screen, you can see how your average daily leaks change with your 6 week ELITONE treatment.

How to Pair and Unpair my ELITONE

To Pair – Make sure your ELITONE device is charged. In the settings app of your iPhone, turn on Bluetooth. Turn on your ELITONE. In the settings app, the name “Elitone” should appear in the Devices list. Click on ELITONE and pair the device.

To Unpair – In the Bluetooth settings, click on the ⓘ next to the name Elitone. Select “Forget this Device” to unpair.

Can I connect my ELITONE to multiple devices?

Your ELITONE device can only pair to one phone at a time. If you do want to switch phones, unpair the device and pair with another phone.

How does my ELITONE device communicate with the Mobile App?

Your ELITONE device uses wireless Bluetooth to connect to your smartphone. Make sure you turn on Bluetooth in the settings of your phone.

How can I set treatment reminders?

In the ELITONE mobile app, go to the Plan Screen. Click on the day you want to be reminded and set the time. Allow the app to access your calendar if you would like push notifications. On the Settings Screen, you can change the name of the reminder. If you want to be reminded before the time of your treatment, you can change the “Timing of Reminders” in the settings.